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Welcome to Little Falls!

 Scroll through the galleries below to see more of  our exhibits
Five years ago the community asked our help to build pride in our home and keep our best assets (our adult children) local. As the Children's Museum of Montana, we took that to heart and have transformed most of the exhibits within our walls to reflect the Best Place ~ Montana!  We are always upgrading and adding new adventures so even if you have been here in the past, you must see us now!

Sponsorships are need on many of the exhibits to upgrade their impact, design, and sometimes just a little paint is needed!  If you have ideas for new exhibits or want to join us on our current plan for new exhibits, you can sponsor with a click of a button below:

learning lodge update.jpg

Learning Lodge

Sponsorship opportunity available

Montana Habitat

Sponsored by the Lewis Family

In memorial of Mike Lewis

Safari Habitat

Sponsored by the Lewis Family

In memorial of Mike Lewis

The Bone Dig

Donated by Gary Zadick, Carpet Garage, Builders First Source, and Fagenstroms.

Wooly Mammoth Bones donated by Larry Houck


Sponsorship opportunity available

Flight Zone

Donated by The Nunez Family

S.S. Martin

Built, floated, and donated by Richard Martin right off the Missouri

Sponsorship opportunity available

Little Falls Market

Donated by Junior League of Great Falls, Bobby Niendorf, and Sherwin Williams.


Upgrades sponsored by Electric Sky Designs

Little Falls


Sponsorship opportunity available

Little Falls


Sponsored by Marshall Orthodontics

Little Falls Express


Donated by James Osborne and Robert Brewer

Sponsorship opportunity available

Lego Zone 

Sponsorship opportunity available

Anika's Castle


Donated in loving memory of Anika Schwartzbauer by the Jessica Schwartzbauer Memorial Foundation and the Schwartzbauer Family

Little Falls Schoolhouse


Donated by The LaSalle-Knightstep Family, Great Falls Rescue Mission Store, and various community educators

Sponsorship opportunity available

Little Falls Library

Sponsorship opportunity available

Little Falls


Special Thanks to the Paris Gibson Museum of Art Curative Collection artists for the mural.

Sponsorship opportunity available

Little Falls Homestead

Donated by The Good Wood Guys

Cafe & Coffee Shop

Donated by Morning Light Coffee Roasters & Cafe


Sponsorship opportunity available

 Little Falls Sheriff's 


A special Thank You to the

Cascade County Sheriff's Association

for sponsoring this awesome exhibit!

 Little Falls Treehouse

Thank you to Builders FirstSource for donating the supplies to create our wonderful games!

Sponsorship opportunity available

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