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Welcome to Little Falls!

 scroll through the galleries below to see more of  our exhibits

Two years ago the community asked our help to build pride in our home and keep our best assets (our adult children) local. As the Children's Museum of Montana, we took that to heart and have transformed most of the exhibits within our walls to reflect the Best Place ~ Montana!  We are always upgrading and adding new adventures so even if you have been here in the past, you must see us now!

Sponsorships are need on many of the exhibits to upgrade their impact, design, and sometimes just a little paint is needed!  If you have ideas for new exhibits or want to join us on our current plan for new exhibits, you can sponsor with a click of a button below:

Learning Lodge

learning lodge update.jpg

Final call for the Learning Lodge!

We're so close to sharing this cultural treasure with our community, but we need your help.

A final push for grass, toys, and supplies will open the doors to vibrant storytelling and connection.

Donate now and be a part of this legacy!

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Montana Habitat

Sponsored by the Lewis Family

In memorial of Mike Lewis

This exhibit has sensory opportunities, wilderness survival information, and shares some of the best about Montana!

Safari Habitat

Sponsored by the Lewis Family

In memorial of Mike Lewis

So much fun to be had looking at these exotic animals and the habitat they come from! 

Scat, tracks, books, and coloring.

The Bone Dig

Donated by Gary Zadick, Carpet Garage, Builders First Source, and Fagenstrums.

Wooly Mammoth Bones donated by Larry Houk

The children get to touch real bones, dig up gems and fun toys in the Bone Dig!

Little Falls




​Indoor play for your most active littles! This exhibit features tumbling mats, balance beams, and a mini hanging obstacle course!

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Flight Zone

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to take off into your imagination. Soar through the skies as a pilot or manage Little Falls Airport in the air traffic control tower. The sky is the limit!

Donated by The Nunez Family

S.S. Martin

 Explore the Missouri looking for lost treasure and meeting the strange creatures that dwell under the waves. Our Little Falls Marina has the best boat in Montana!


Built, floated, and donated by Richard Martin right off the Missouri

Upgrade needed so sponsor opportunity available!

Little Falls Market

Stop by the Little Falls Market for all of your grocery needs. Cashiers needed, its time to fill up your shopping carts and clear the shelves. Stock those refrigerators!

Donated by Junior League of Great Falls, Bobby Niendorf, and Sherwin Williams.

Upgrade needed so sponsor opportunity available!

Little Falls



Come explore Little Falls Clinic! We have interactive models and diagrams to test your knowledge.

Grab your stethoscopes and x-rays. The Doctor is in.

Sponsorship Opportunity!

Little Falls


Schedule your dentist appointment today! Stop by for a quick teeth cleaning or grab your lab coat and fill in some cavities.

Perfect place to lose you fear of dentists!

Sponsored by Marshall Orthodontics

Little Falls Express


All Aboard the Little Falls Express! Become the conductor of your very own town. Add bridges, tunnels and junctions to make the route exciting. Build the CMOMT Railway your way.

Donated by James Osborne and Robert Brewer

Sponsor opportunity available!

Lego Zone 


Where Imagination Takes Flight!

From soaring spaceships to majestic medieval castles, the Lego Zone at the Museum is a boundless playground for young minds. With thousands of Lego bricks at their fingertips, kids can let their creativity run wild, build their dreams, and embark on endless adventures.

Sponsor this vibrant space and connect with families!

The Lego Zone attracts hundreds of visitors each year, offering a fun and educational experience for all ages. By sponsoring the Lego Zone, you'll gain valuable exposure to families while supporting a beloved museum program.

Call the Museum at (406) 452-6661 today to explore sponsorship opportunities and build your brand alongside the power of imagination!


In Anika's Closet, you can become whoever your heart desires to be! A fantastical world of princess, heroes, and everything in between awaits!

Donated in loving memory of Anika Schwartzbauer by the Jessica Schwartzbauer Memorial Foundation and the Schwartzbauer Family

Sponsor opportunity available!

Little Falls Schoolhouse


The Little Falls Schoolhouse offers all kinds of learning materials and educational activities for children of all ages. Grab a board game and relax or start a lesson and learn something new!

Donated by The LaSalle-Knightstep Family, Great Falls Rescue Mission Store, and various community educators

Little Falls Library


This library is a Lending Library to ensure no one goes without the magic of books. From beginner's board books to classic novels- we have a little bit of everything for everyone. Books are free of cost and bundles are available at the front desk for those who don't have the time to stay but still want something new for their shelf.

Little Falls


Our most requested exhibit The Little Falls Zoo: A second toddler area for upstairs is complete!

Special Thanks to the Paris Gibson Museum of Art Curative Collection artists for the mural.

It is Awesome!

Many volunteers and donations made this exhibit happen!  Thank you to TSgt. Stansbury for getting it built!!!

Little Falls Homestead

Take a journey to the not so distant past in the Historic Little Falls Homestead! Venture into the woods and plant flowers, cook a meal, or trek over the bridge. The bridge is amazing and can be taken down and put back together with a friend, great team building exercise for any age!

Donated by The Good Wood Guys

Sponsor opportunity available!

Cafe & Coffee Shop


We recently opened the new Little Falls Morning Light Cafe & Coffee Shop!

Come and have fun being waited on by the futures leaders!

Best meal in Little Falls


Donated and Sponsored by Morning Light Coffee Roasters & Cafe

 Little Falls Sheriff's 


What little city would be complete without an Ol' West style Sheriff's office?  Cascade County Little Falls Sheriff's Office will hold two bad guys or let ol' Otis sleep off the night before!


A special Thank You to the

Cascade County Sheriff's Association

for sponsoring this awesome exhibit!

Simple Machines


We surveyed and you answered, Simple Machines!


Design is underway 


Sponsoring this exhibit is an excellent use of marketing dollars!  Give us a call and we can give you the details


 Little Falls Treehouse

Adventure into our treehouse, full of games that are fun for the whole family! Try your hand at jumbo dominoes, checkers, or even tic-tac-toe! 

Thank you to Builders FirstSource for donating the supplies to create our wonderful games!
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