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A Word from a Mom

Author Danielle Porter

Teaching Your Children Self-Care Habits

Among the many things you'll teach your children, self-care is one of the best things to help them develop into independent, strong adults. Many activities and habits that you can teach your children allow them to reset and refresh, so they're well-prepared for the days ahead. Start incorporating some of these tips and practices into your life today, so your children can start modeling self-care themselves.

Be a Role Model for Your Kids

Children of all ages are receptive to new information, which means that they'll often emulate the behaviors and attitudes of their parents. By modeling self-care habits yourself, you can ensure your children pick up on beneficial habits, such as setting boundaries, taking breaks, and loving themselves.

Some more concrete activities you can model include healthy habits, such as exercising and eating well. By seeing you practice healthy habits and taking the time to care for yourself in stressful times, your children learn that it's okay to feel stressed sometimes, and there are ways of combating it.

Find Ways to Prioritize Your Children

A great way to help your children's self-care is by being there for them consistently. Being an involved parent is a sure way to help your children feel more loved and confident, which can bring many other benefits. Even during busy times, having a plan for spending time with your children can ensure they have quality time with you, as well as reduce pressure on yourself. Some things you can plan ahead for include being with your children at bedtime, having them help with chores in the kitchen, or planning new experiences together that everybody can look forward to.

Teach Your Children Calming Techniques

Another way to more explicitly help your child's self-care is by teaching calming techniques. Breathing and meditation exercises are great tools for responding to anger or stress, and children can easily perform them. Additionally, if your children have an interest in something such as music, art, or any other hobby, you can encourage them to use that as an outlet for relaxation. Giving your children tools to respond to negative emotions helps them to cultivate self-care skills that can be useful for their entire lives.

Plan Activities for Your Family in Great Falls

Try planning fun and new activities to help your children relax and refresh. In Great Falls, many parks, such as the Giant Springs State Park and Gibson Park, provide the perfect opportunity to get into nature and enjoy a peaceful time together. Other attractions, such as the local history museum or the Children's Museum of Montana, are perfect for a family outing with your children. Taking a day to do fun and enriching activities is a great way to practice self-care with your children.

Helping Your Children Care for Themselves

As a parent, you'll find that your children emulate much of the attitudes and actions you take, and being a good role model and teacher can go a long way toward their development. Check out the Children's Museum of Montana, one of the many places your family can visit on a regular basis to help everyone unwind, de-stress, and learn new things.

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