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Busy Syndrome

Our society is always busy. We have more to do than can be done in a lifetime and rarely is it something that brings us peace of mind, more health or fulfill our passions.

It is time to stop rewriting items on new "to do" lists and focus more strategically so that our time is given the value it deserves. If you didn't get it done on the first to do list, throw it out. Schedule time for those all important items that must be done. Give away tasks that are not a priority to you. Learn that saying "No" is a method of self care that is priceless.

There are a million tips as to how to declutter your time so that you can also declutter your mind.

A business man or woman that works 70 hours a week and wishes they could do more, then goes home and wishes they could spend more time with their family, then gets a phone call from dear friends asking to spend some time; they will completely burn out!

A business owner that I know last year decided to take on an assistant to help with her never ending business tasks. She has someone else doing the tasks that are not money makers yet need to be done while she makes the money. Her time is worth $200 per hour; Why would she be the one to run to the store for the small office essentials? Someone must so that they have paper in the printer and in the bathroom, so it makes sense that a $15/hr staff make that trip for her. This year, she has three working for her and has practically tripled her income.

Whether you need an assistant, to learn to say "No", or just quit worrying about completing tasks that should never have been on your "to do" list in the first place, make time for your family, friends, and especially your passions. You are worth it and so are they!

For our Whizzard Academy parents, they can use this program so that when they get home to spend time with their children, it is quality family time. They do not have to spend an hour arguing with their child over homework or researching how to help their child achieve what is being asked of them.

At CMOMT, we love our mission and opportunities to help families. Hopefully this has been a good reminder of how easy time slips past us. Let's make the best memories!!! Sincerely, Sherrie Neff

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