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Christmas at the Museum!

The laughter is contagious, the play is exciting, and we are joyful to have the museum busy on this below-freezing weather day! We are open tomorrow and will see more families playing together. This has to be the best job in the world. December 23rd, and we have had one of our busiest Christmas membership gifts ever! What a wonderful gift to give your kids and grandkids.

Our membership rates are a way for local families to save money and visit the museum any regular day we are open. It also offers them to attend our special Members Only events such as January 19th.

Members also have discounts on other services such as camps and birthdays. It is good that we try to help the families save money, but what about the families that cannot afford to be here?

We write grants and do a paddle raise at Chocolat Noir to refill the funds needed to offer scholarships. It helps, but more is required for the immense need. If you would like to make sure this wonderful place is available to a low-income family, please feel free to tell us when you donate the $150 cost of a membership. We will gladly share your gift with an underserved family. We do record their SNAP card to confirm the need is real.

We find with giving scholarships, the best way to do it is with a small volunteer commitment. They actively participate and give back to the museum to create buy-in and appreciation for receiving your gift. It mitigates the destruction that can come from entitlement and free help. You can choose whether to share your name when they receive the gift or if it is anonymous.

Call museum staff at (406) 452-6661 for any questions, concerns, or comments. As we all work together in this new year, remember we are here and willing to help in any way we can! Thank you to all that support and use the Children's Museum of Montana!

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