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When we talk about empowering our youth let's make sure we add the power to have fun in life. We do not want wandering adults that do not take anything serious, yet we also do not want over stressed, over worked individuals that do not know how to smile after the age of 18.

With heart trouble and stress becoming our number one battle in keeping society healthy, it is more important than ever to model how we can and are at our best when we have fun even as grown adults.

Fun in the work place is pretty easy for me to talk about, you all know where I work ;) Yet, the playful spirit can be such a wonderful addition to any work place. Over my years I have had some serious jobs and even my job today has serious work but they can all have fun also. My favorite people make me smile and giggle. I look forward to every visit!

We teach so much more by our modeling than our words, this is a challenge to model that joy, find your joy, and show it to the world! If you need help, talk to your favorite person, they have a connection to that part of your heart.

Here is a couple articles that get into the fine points for adults to have fun.

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