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"Free Sunday!" mark your calendar...

It's true on April 10th at every museum in town!

So what does the hands-on exploration of the Children's Museum of Montana have in common with the elegant, sophisticated, and historical museum within the Great Falls Museum Consortium? We are all working towards offering our community awareness of the history, culture, and awe inspiring exhibits available to all ages.

Very soon we will be celebrating with the community for the 20th Annual Sunday Sampler. A Sunday, when most of us are usually closed, that we open up completely free and with games and prizes to all visitors.

There is definitely different types of exhibits in each of our museums, yet all of them offer something special to show and tell our community of every age.

The new fun "Bone Dig" is definitely about history, yet right over at the History Museum or Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art we can visit history in completely different ways to inspire the mind.

It is our great pleasure to work with the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park and the awesome team out there wanting to share the history of the First Peoples. Whether you want to try to throw an atlatl or shoot a bow and arrow or just walk the trail and see the pictographs of the first people, they have something for everyone.

The Galarie Trinitas is beautiful to look at and learn so much of our history. Even the public library has some fantastic pieces of history to see!

Cascade County Public Library -

CM Russell Museum -

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park -

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center -

Montana Museum of Railroad History -

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art -

Ursuline Centre -

Brought to you by the Great Falls Museum Consortium -

Mark your calendar for April 10th, 2022!

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