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Ignition: Part 2 on Passion

Igniting a passion can happen instantly! Love at first sight with a new topic/subject/skill, something is sparked and a new adventure is underway. Some passions happen just that fast, while others take time and reflection to ignite. It also varies for each individual.

As teachers guiding our students through a subject, we try to find ways that connect a "known" interest to the new topic.

There are many ways we can make things connect and my best teachers in my life were either passionate about what they were teaching me and therefore I caught the bug from them, or they were able to make a connection for me in something I was already interested in.

As parents, we have struggled through the conversations that start with, "But Why do I have to learn about this? I will never use it!" It's a conversation that takes patience but you can help by finding something that they love that connects with the topic.

Homework time in your household does not have to be a battle and you are enough as a parent to help guide your child to adulthood!

I read an interesting article from a about ways to make homework more fun

Or another is to utilize programs such as the museum's Whizzard Academy afterschool program, where homework is completed in order to get to work on the projects the child has chosen. Our Head Whizzard knows amazing methods to make homework fun and find connections!

It is the last day for Give Great Falls, if you would like to further our Whizzard Academy or help save our museum, please go to

Thank you to all of our supporters! You know who you are and you are making an impact everyday!!! Sherrie Neff

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