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Importance of Play

Playing is something we see children do every day. When children play, they are not usually thinking “what am I going to learn from this activity?”, yet they are learning critical skills that will lay the foundation for all future learning! By choosing to play, children have the opportunity to develop social emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. Play is not something that we usually think of as a “learning moment”, but research shows that it is a very important piece of early development. Whether play occurs at home, or places like the Children’s Museum of Montana, we as parents can take an active role in our children’s learning and development – just by playing!

Here at the Children’s Museum of Montana (CMOM), we provide the perfect environment to foster independent and adult scaffolded play. Throughout our exhibits we offer opportunities to learn in all areas of development such as motor skills in our parkour area, social emotional skills in our dramatic play areas, and more! We look forward to seeing families enjoy their time learning through play, using imaginations, and creating special memories to last a lifetime!

Here is a resource to discover more about learning through play:

Shared by Jordin Breaud

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