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As we are about to open a new upgrade at the museum it is fun and exciting. Yet, with a beautiful memorial we also feel the emotions related to honoring a life.

Each of us want to make an impact on the world and leave a legacy. Some of your friends or family have a spirit that leaves you feeling that you have something special in you every time you visit them. Others can smile and warm a cold room.

Our newest memorial is for a gentleman that gave over 50 years to the same job, raised a family and stayed married to his beautiful wife for 69 years

until his death. He gave his children wonderful opportunities and gave to the community throughout his life. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren were lucky to have spent time with such a great man.

One of his special hobbies that he picked up was creating model airplanes. These awesome planes will be hung in our halls with honor to Mr. William R. Wilson and we invite everyone to the grand opening on August 12th. Although Bill was taken too soon, his 88 years of living and giving will live on at the Children's Museum of Montana. Thank you to Mrs. Barbara Wilson for the donation.

I write today so that we can all take a minute to think of the legacy we leave behind and what we want that to be. We have very special memorials throughout the museum and feel honored and humbled by the love of this community to share your memorials with us. Thank you sincerely, Sherrie Neff.

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