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Passion vs. Required

It has become quite a "buzz" word to be a lifelong learner; yet the significance and power that comes with an open mind that is passionate about learning is key to success in any area of our life until the day we die.

Closing your mind to learning is compared to starting your journey towards death.

As teachers we look for new ways to inspire our students, and get them passionate about the subjects we are required to guide them through. Let's look at the differences and connections between passionate learning and required learning.


The definition of passion is a "strong and barely controllable emotion." Oxford Languages.

Wow, barely controllable, that is definitely a strong emotion. Notice the lack of money or monetary consideration. Think of the times in your life that you were barely able to control your emotion. You could barely speak and your hands may have been shaking. Anger can also create this strong emotion yet we will stay focused on the positives.


In reality we also have required information that our children must learn in order to be productive members of our society. So now, as teachers, we must find the excitement for topics that we may not be passionate about.

Once a student is attending higher education they hopefully have the opportunity to be guided by a professor that is passionate about the course they teach. Interesting article here about that topic.

Required learning in the job force is what keeps the base line productivity and income rolling in. The passionate learning in the job force are those creative, innovative, and impactful ways we grow from the base line.

Inspire Passion

The first step is always - modeling. We must be passionate to inspire passion.

Our mission at CMOMT is to Ignite a Passion for Lifelong Learning. This journey is not all books and facts; it is experiences and connections. Lifelong learning is more than gaining a promotion and so much more than graduation. It is the belief and passion to continue to grow in all areas all of your life.

That is our goal - that children feel an overwhelming emotion that they want to learn, they want to know, and that they are curious!

Today's management is not able to lead as they did 50 years ago, because today's workforce is not the same. As leaders, we are continually looking for ways to inspire our staff. Again, we must model that passion.

I leave this here with one last thought, whether you realize it or not, you are modeling for your children, students, friends, family, or staff. Make it count!

Thank you for your time, Sherrie Neff

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