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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The word brings to mind different images of older times and innovators that change the course of the world.

In Montana more than some areas the pioneers who made it here not only survived but made our great state the place that we love. They were strong, resilient, and smart individuals. These were not wimps afraid to take a chance.

I love working for an organization that has an emphatic determination much like our pioneers. We not only want to relocate, we want to make sure the museum we call "of Montana" truly represents the BEST of Montana!

Our pride in the great state we represent moves us daily to continually upgrade and design the very best we have available.

Children's Museums History

The best children's museum in our nation right now is the Children's Museum of Indianapolis created in 1925. (see picture included) This museum has a rich past that started with one woman's vision and grew to a large university size campus through both monetary and collections of art and history donations.

The pioneers that believed in the benefits of a special place that was created to enhance our youth's educational opportunities with hands-on exploration started in 1889 in Brooklyn.

The latest industry stats say we have over 300 in the US and there are more than 34 countries with children's museums. With new and upgraded museums opening each year! It is a strong industry that families look for when booking their family vacations.

We do not believe that bigger is better, BETTER IS BETTER and that is what we want to do is be the very best!

Picture from the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Thank you to all of our supporters, Sherrie Neff

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