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Play until it's real!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The concept of learning through play is very old, in fact the game Senet is over 5,000 years old and played in Ancient Egypt. What is new relates to what we have learned about play. The endorphins released during play make it joyful even when the game itself is hard. The memory and brain function is enhanced.

Chess is not a simple game and has been enjoyed by youth and old alike. This game of strategy is a great example of how difficult can be invigorating. For athletes it can be hard, even excruciating yet it is very fun!

Here at the museum we see the children imagining they are everything from princesses to doctors, cashiers to mothers, super heroes to captains of their own boats. As adults we are told to imagine our wanted futures, create a plan, and work hard to make it happen; we see this method start very young and naturally.

The tragedy that happens to too many of us is if we forget to imagine. Then plan for mediocre, and work hard for less than we could have made come true. The magic day we are "On our own." We also start stressing and worrying more than ever and can even become fearful.

Let's start right now a movement to add more play, more fun, and more imagination into everything we do! We will not only change our lives for the better, we will model a better way to live for the next generation. We will create more Einstein's when creativity and innovation are celebrated in all ages!

Here is another article about the benefits of playing games! Get yours out now and start playing!!!!

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