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Powerful Inspiration!

As we put together an afterschool program that inspires, I cannot help but think about what my muse is that inspires my work. My first thought, "it is the giggles of the children I hear daily"; but after long research it is so much more about what motivates within each of us that inspires us.

Inspired is -

To feel that what we are doing is achievable yet challenging, that our end goal is impactful and has meaning, and that we will see the proof of our efforts.

This resonated with me because I want to know how to inspire our next generations to be lifelong learners and be sure that my efforts are achievable. As most parents will agree, it is sometimes harder to see proof that children are inspired. So we will use metrics such as attendance, grade, and project completion to help see the proof until they are functioning adults working towards their own destinies.

The simple answer has it's own challenges but we are definitely creating a program that fits the bill. The students will be challenged in an area of their choosing in a way that has an achievable goal and creates something concrete and credible to show their ability.

For example: the local robotics club that took themselves to win a national championship. They were inspired by the robotics and given the opportunity to achieve and complete projects that showed their ability.

Inspiration has so many facets, it is also done by modeling. As you go through your day to day; it is helpful for them to know that you are working toward your achievable goals that make an impact. Even if your goal is to make every customer smile, or every co-worker feel like there is something special about them; it does make an impact, can be challenging, and yet is achievable.

Have an inspired day! Sherrie Neff

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