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Reaching the stars!

It is every parents wish for their children to reach for the stars and it touches our hearts when they fail or lose a challenge. Yet, what we truly want is for them to find happiness.

When our children are young and learning the basics of communication, physical development to walk and run, it is easy to help them along. A little training towards changing thought direction, giving options, and being there to pick them up when they fall. We laugh at their antics of acting like adults and playing in different occupations. These moments are very important so that as they continue to grow and expand, they still know that you are there and going to help them up.

Where it is common to lose the connection is when their communications skills are fully developed yet they do not want to talk about it. Or they are physically capable for the new challenge and refuse to try. The fear and insecurity through growing up can be very challenging for us.

Not labeling or over reacting gives your child time to grow through the tough times into the full potential waiting for them. You are not alone and neither is your child. Often hearing that others in their circle feel the same way helps them to relax through some of it. Also, knowing that you too remember truly how it felt to have fear and anxiety.

There is a lot of help out there and this article had great reminders of working through this with your children.

Play is proven to strengthen our emotional reactions to hard times and for children, seeing you play and participate with them adds another level of strength. We encourage you to give yourself the time to giggle and play as a good role model to live by. Have a beautiful day and we hope to see you soon!

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