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Our lease is set to end in 2023 and here is our relocation story so far.

In 2019 we started our plan and design process with public hearings, surveys, and public notices for the community to tell us what they need and want to see in the new museum.

We had a large outpouring of requests. We took all of the requests and suggestions and put them to a feasibility test. We then took those feasible suggestions and estimated the space needed. We looked for ways to use the same space for multiple uses in order design a smaller foot print.

We then created estimated space requirement for the entire project and site requirements for site selection. After months of looking, we had several sites and did a cost analysis and found that a warehouse on 3rd St NW fit every requirement and the cost analysis at the time was feasible.

Now we are in February of 2020 and ready to kick off our capital campaign. The major foundations that are willing to help us build the museum say we need a minimum of $1 million locally. Which is a small price to pay for the generational return on investment for our youth!

We all know COVID hit hard the end of March 2020.

Where are we now in June 2022? We are back to site selection because the warehouse is no longer for sale as they have taken it off the market. We are currently looking into several options for sale and will keep you updated!

We need everyone in the community to share our news. It is so important to save the oldest and largest children's museum in Montana that is a safe and educational place for our youth year round!

Our final project will increase tourism for Great Falls and Montana. Along with tourism dollars, we will create jobs. All the while we will continue to Ignite a Passion for Lifelong learning.

We need families and businesses to advocate and donate in our capital campaign. Your family's legacy or your business's name can be on the best museum in the northwest! Join us and act now!

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