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Science Perspective

Last time, we talked about the mysteries of Math. I love math and find it sincerely sad to hear that it has become a weakness for so many of our children.

If your child loves science, maybe showing them the relation between math and science will inspire them to be more determined and persistent in learning math. The other side of that is if your child loves math, maybe showing how it is used within science will inspire them in science.

Today, let's talk about what we, as family members can do to inspire more science within our next generation. Of all the research and advice, perspective was the most impactful.

What is science perspective?

Science is a way of "thinking" and looking at the world methodically. Science requires observing details, watching for correlations or systems, recognizing order, calculating measurements and so much more.

Where do we start?

First, observation. Observation is first because it is the key to finding a question or problem. Looking for things to question can be so much fun and done anywhere at home, the grocery store, and your nature hikes.

Second, what are we looking for? Patterns are an early childhood development that is useful throughout our lives. Systems are integral in both the natural and economic worlds. We learn that order is important when we are first required to line up at school, yet the order of our world is important to see in all things we do. Order in natural science such as seasons or pollination are some easy examples.

Third, if your child can write, then recording in a journal is next, usually with a drawing. For our littles, we have them draw and describe what they are recording without any correction.

Finally, we help them understand why their conclusion is correct or mistaken. For example: your (4) year old draws how a plant grows. They leave out the water needed. Help them see what is correct and what is missing. Have them do it again. So much of what we learn in life takes a second or third try to acquire.

In conclusion, what is normal in our homes will make for a smooth transition in our academic and employment worlds. I hope this helps you relax and enjoy some moments that build stronger learners without expectations.

As always, give yourself a break. Our next generation is very smart and caring. They will continue to grow. They will be the next Best Generation!

By Sherrie Neff

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