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Simple yet profound

The magic that is seen when a young mind figures out the "how" of something is so fun to me. My adorable nephew was playing at the museum and was able to make a button move that he had not been able to figure out. The moment he got it, he looked at me in surprise. Then unsure, he tried it again. By the third time he told how he could do it and how it worked. With his shoulders back and chest puffed up, he felt accomplished over his new discovery.

Another simple yet profound moment I enjoyed this week was a little guest two years old that was here to be my playmate while his mom was in training here. He took me to every exhibit the first week we had a play date, quickly assessing the fun he could have but moving on just as fast. By our third play date he was very casual and lead me to his favorite exhibits, guided me to where he wanted me to be, where to sit, and what to play. His accomplishment was more about being the leader. So simple that being given the chance to lead, some of us are more equipped when in life it is required of us. We can all be leaders even if it is not in the corporate world or industry; it may be being a leader in our home or church. It could just be so that you are not led astray.

Often times we look for the big "Ahah" moments, when it may just be a quiet confidence that is what we need. That comfort of knowing that, "You got this." Even when times are good we can be unsure and more so when times are tough. Through the holidays and everyday, I hope we can be kind to ourselves and know that we got this. Enjoy the quiet and calm; laugh with the merriment of friends and family. Let the simple but profound ignite your own joys and passions.

As I prep for our next STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Camp, I am looking forward more to seeing those simple yet profound moments with the campers than any other part. As we build our own bridges, study forces, motion, and equilibrium, I hope to bring at least one of those moments to each of us in camp! If you would like to see more of those moments with your little ones, here are a few websites with some fun things to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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