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Sleep Or Not sleep?....That is the question.

Insomnia is a national plague and there are promises of relief by one product or system or another. Trauma induced insomnia was considered a temporary byproduct of the trauma and will usually ease and fade as we heal. Recently it was found that there is a lingering insomnia when the past trauma had a connection with bedtime or nighttime. Trauma is a big word. It can represent an epic tragic event, yet can also be an underlying worry or dread that affects our mental health.

More often than not, we hear that insomnia is a stress related disorder. While that is definitely the case for some, others may not realize that the insomnia is associated with a traumatic event that occurred when they were very young and has not completely left their subconscious. Whether it was the dreadful bedtime routine or a single incident, the insomnia is likely the result.


Insomnia created by awful routines is something that is easy to fix and prevent. For the adults, take a moment to recognize why your childhood into adulthood routine was not cohesive with a peaceful full night's sleep. Then find the best fit nighttime routine that will change it.

Some say you need an hour without a screen before bed, some say 10 minute meditation, and some say it is making your area dark and quiet a half hour before you would like to be asleep. Remember that "the power of our mind is the key"; if you believe in your power to change your perspective, you will.

An example of the past that could be affecting you today: I remember a lot of yelling and spankings as our bedtime routine.

  • Acknowledge the unpleasantness,

  • Create a new way of thinking,

  • Do not let "dread" be your thought by consciously changing to a positive,

  • Work, work, and work, through it until you've made a habit out of looking forward to bedtime and peaceful sleep that you have.

Insomnia due to trauma is fixable, yet we would never be silly enough to advise how, except to say that in our community we are blessed with very good counselors that specialize in helping with the results of any type of trauma. Same as I would not advise someone to cure their own cancer; specialists are often the answer whether in our bodies or our minds. If you have been abused, raped, or assaulted etc... and suffer from long-term insomnia, there is help!


We cannot see the future or prevent every trauma. We can predict that wrong routines will create insomnia. To help prevent your child from having insomnia due to bedtime perspectives, fears, and traumas that happen at night, make a special routine that inspires dreams and peace.

As adults we appreciate a good rest, the goal is to create that respect for rest in our youngest generations from the start. You are enough, you know your child, I won't pretend to have your answers yet I believe in you. So if you need guidance, here is a little article to help you get on the right track.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to find ways to do and be our best selves!! Sherrie Neff

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