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Where will we be?

"Our children are our future" is said so often, but it is profound how much this is true. Our entire economy is affected by the workforce and leadership they turn out to be. Everything from our environment to our innovative health care will be in their hands.

We will be gone or done working soon enough, most of us are looking forward to the grand "retirement" we have been working towards.

What I want to do is look at just how important our time, money, energy, social norms, and even our legislation is setting them up for success.

As parents, we try to make best choices on what we feed our children, how much sleep they get, and that their homework is done.

As teachers we work to make sure they learn a foundation that will set them up to reach their full potential.

The future economy of our nation will be impacted by many things, but one of the leading indicators is the strength and ability of our youth. Their decision making skills, work ethic, imagination for innovation, and integrity will make our nation and our community strong. Each generation since the dawn of time has tried to do better than the one before and in our country has done well.

So when we think of the ways we can help our future and economy, it is very true that you can start at home or in your own neighborhood. Model what we hope they will try to be better at, from volunteering to problem solving. Let's do all we can now why they hear and watch us to help them be ready to run our nation justly, inclusively, and honestly.

Thanks for all the support readers and feel free to share our blog with your friends and family! Sherrie Neff

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