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Worry and Doubt

The news is constantly bringing us things to worry about and our natural self-doubts do not help. To be a parent at this time can feel overwhelming.

Good news!

Today we have more help than ever in parenting history. We probably have too much advice and recommendations but options are good.

Let's look at past trends.

Some cultures traditionally had the grandparents in the home for support of both the children and the grandparents. Mom's and Dad's went to work or shopping and had this internal family "daycare". Now it less likely that multi-generations live under the same roof. We are living longer and healthier which translates for most, working longer.

So childcare has become one of our communities largest needs for families and will continue to be as long as two incomes are required to survive. Yet, not having the wisdom, experience, and advice of having grandparents in the home has created a void. In my generation, there were my grandparents that I turned to when I needed advice; I would call them. Nowadays there is Google, search engines, articles on every subject and articles that argue with the first articles. Studies that say do this, studies that say that is bad. It can all be too much.

In our town we have some programs that can help you rummage through all these gray areas and plant your parent feet firmly on the ground. I am so proud to call Great Falls, MT my home for many reasons, but today we will talk about parental support.

Very soon Benchmark Human Services will be hosting their annual Toddler Screening here at CMOMT. This event is funded by the state to help parents become aware of any special needs their toddlers have. There are eye exams, teeth exams, walking, talking, and development assessments.

If a need is identified, then there are resources and services for the families.

This year the Great Falls Public Schools are joining us to add the Kindergarten assessments.

So every parent with an infant to 5 years old will want to join us.

Parents with older children that need services have other organizations they can call from Parents as Teachers, Family Connections, Head Start, Quality Life Concepts, Child Bridge, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Youth Alliance, Opportunities Inc, and the list goes on. We try to work with every youth organization in the community and are so impressed with the quality and caring within each of them.

You are enough, your love and energy is what your children really need. Trust in yourself and trust in them that they are watching you every day. They are seeing you try, fail at times, and work harder. Your modeling is imprinting on them to develop into the wonderful person they are meant to be.

Celebrate the small stuff and do not let those that are constantly screaming "The Sky is Falling" break your peace of mind.

If you need help, reach out for it! It is not weakness to seek counsel, it is wisdom. There are websites, phone numbers or give us a call.

Happy Spring ~ we are ready for more sun!!! Thanks for spending time with us, Sherrie Neff.

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