Capital Campaign

Our History 

Over 20 years ago, a group of community leaders came together with concerns for the children of our city on the river. Great Falls Montana needed a place for children to come and enjoy productive, interactive, and educational activities year-round. Plans were put into motion, 501(c)3 status was applied for and granted.  The museum was backed by an excited community and kind-hearted donors, the Children’s Museum of Montana was opened on February 13th, 1999. While our museum has grown and changed in too many ways to count, the mission remains the same, “To ignite a passion for lifelong learning!” 


At that time, our hours of operation were a couple days a week for 4 hours and now our color-filled museum is open 6 days a week from 9:30 to 5 pm and has served over 80,000 guests. With the help of our community donors, the museum has been able to enact our mission through interactive, imaginative, and educational exhibits, activities, and programs. 


Our museum is currently targeted towards children ages 0-10, but children of all ages can experience “real life play” scenarios throughout the exhibits. Whether they are saving lives as a doctor in the Kid’s Clinic Hospital, learning about money in the Giant Springs Credit Union, or building a homestead on the old frontier, hands-on play is the goal and their imagination is the only limitation!

Our Goals 

  • Inspire education, entrepreneurship and innovation in our youth

  • Inclusively invite all persons by both design and experience

  • Imagine a harmonious balance with nature through net zero sustainability

  • Increase our tourism economy through targeted global marketing

  • Instill pride in our community and Montana.

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Our Vision

The goal of our Capital Campaign is to build a new museum that “Ignites a passion for lifelong learning” for all that visit.  We envision powerful hands-on exhibits that teach while the visitor is in awe of what their eyes see.  Our site is over 70,000 square foot of opportunities to ignite the mind and to fulfill community needs.  We will renovate an unwanted steel warehouse into a surreal world of fun!  Net Zero is the goal in the construction renovation and will also be highlighted in exhibits to share the knowledge that each of us can build sustainability.


As we walk through this museum, every major industry throughout Montana’s history until today will have a “world class” exhibit offering awareness of our roots, showing our cultural growth, and we will touch on our focus for the foreseen future.  For example: Mining in Montana has a long history, the mining companies and association in operation today have given us realistic education for the future of mining also.  We want to build thinkers, not just offer information. 

General Donation:

Call us:

(406) 452-6661

Find us: 

22 Railroad Square  Great Falls, MT 59405

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday- 9:30 am-5:00 pm

Sunday- Closed