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To Inspire Montana's Future by Building on our Past!

The time is now!!!!

CMOMT is currently working on the viability of an exciting site.  If all goes through, this site will allow us to do all that the community requested and more!

Thank you to everyone sending us information about sites available in town.  Your help has been invaluable. 

Financial donations are needed also.  What are you helping provide to our youth?
      Excellent educational opportunities
      New jobs
      New Tourism 
      Maker Space
      Life Skills Labs

Our museum not only has a role to play in the cognitive development of the youth - we will be able to create solutions to many community issues that need addressing. 

We can save construction costs and any waste of resources by integrating new programming within the cost of our new facility. 

This will also reduce duplication of funding and program housing costs.

Save Our Museum - act Now!

Let's make an impact that will be felt for generations! Change the amount to fit your budget.

Thank you for your donation!

The Impact of Your Gift

Your gift to the Children's Museum of Montana enables us to:
  • Build an efficient quality facility with a significant purpose     
  • Provide educational enhancements that stimulate our                   youth in their academics   
  • Grow our historical and cultural awareness  
  • Expand our audience and tourism    
  • Diversify our revenue streams for sustainability

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