Museum of Montana
A museum for all ages!

Help Today - For Just $10.

Our mission is to "Inspire a Passion for Lifelong Learning."

We are building programs designed to bond both the needs brought forward by the community and the wants of our children together in the new Museum of Montana. Our staff and Board of Directors are both committed to bringing our vision to life, but we need support from community members like you. The lease is up November 2023, so time is of the essence!

By giving just $10 today, you along with our over 80,000 neighbors in Cascade County would get us to our goal quickly.  Unfortunately not everyone can give, so if you are able to give more to be the Hero for the community please add your name to the list of supporters in our community that believe as strongly as we do to keep the museum alive.


This new museum is exactly what our community needs. You are joining other like-minded individuals in showing our funders the community commitment backing this project and how much they are appreciated in helping fund the construction of the new site. Every donation brings us closer to our $1 million dollar commitment.

Call today, visit our website, or drop an envelope by the post office to join us by donating to our Capital Campaign for the new Museum of Montana.

We look forward to your support and hearing from you soon!

Our Goals 

- Inspire education, entrepreneurship and innovation in our youth


- Inclusively invite all persons by both design and experience


- Imagine a harmonious balance with nature through net zero sustainability


- Increase our tourism economy through targeted global marketing


- Instill pride in our community and Montana

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