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Mission and Vision


Our mission is to "Ignite a Passion for Lifelong Learning through hands-on exploration."

Hands-on play has proven to enhance cognitive development, thus we were created to provide a hands-on space for kids and to provide fun and interactive learning experiences and environments for children and their families.  The museum provides opportunities for children to explore, self direct, and discover their world through exhibits and programs in the areas of history/culture, science/technology, health/nutrition, and the visual and performing arts as well as a special emphasis in regional culture and industry.



We offer a world class experience to guests of all ages to feel a passion for lifelong learning through interactive exhibits that teach interesting and often not well-known facts of the history and industries within Montana history, today, and the future. Continue to be innovative in our methods and research, to be more inclusive, and to use STEAM to enhance the educational experiences within the museums exhibits and programs.  Increase our collaborations to make a greater impact and fill the needs within our community and all of society when the opportunity arises.


Core Values


As a team our optimism and passion for continuous improvement produces innovative, creative, effective, and adaptable solutions to achieve our goals. 



As a team we will serve our community by being inclusive, respectful of all, kind, courteous, and loyalty to our Valued Relationships.  We continually look for collaboration to better serve the community.



Every member of the staff and directors of the board will personally devote their mind and actions to integrity through ethical accountability, honesty, and trust.  It is the most important of our core values.  Integrity is required in all activities inside and outside organization. We must be authentic and sincere to be the best we can possibly be.

If our mission has touched your heart to work with us, please go to our community tab and let us know how you would like to join in. We always have a need for those skilled in craft work and event planning, or those who just have a want to help us continue to upgrade and update our current building through painting and other improvement projects.

We also have vacancies on our Board of Directors for those who feel it would be a good fit.

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