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Every year on the Friday evening before Halloween the CMOMT crew offers an evening of games, candy, karaoke, and so much more!  It is a warm safe place for you and your kids to show off your costumes, win prizes, and make memories of a lifetime!

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Our crew were from the Wizzard of Oz in 2021. What will they be this year?

Thank you! Sponsors and Supporters

It is because of sponsors and supporters that we are able to have this fun event!  We will set out boxes around town for candy donations.  Each year Candy Masterpiece and Walgreens on 3rd ST have let us set up a candy donation box.  These are essential for having enough candy for every child.  We usually have a box set up at our front desk also!  Thank you to everyone that gives.  The children have a blast!

We sell tickets a few weeks ahead of time so keep on the look out.  

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