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On the 2nd Saturday of May every year we want to celebrate the service the veterans and active duty military have giving us.  It is a sincere "Thank you!" 

We always offer a heroes discount on daily admissions and annual memberships, but this day is a day of camaraderie and gathering that has been a blessing to the museum, the guests, and our military heroes! Heroes and their families are Free and so is the food.  A simple donation of any amount for the rest of our guests.

Come enjoy outstanding food, free raffles, and great company!

Our Military Memorial Wall
A happy veteran who won the free raffle!
A veteran's daughter that was given his raffle prize!
Another happy veteran that won the free raffle!
Active duty member and his prize!

Thank you!

We would not be able to say "Thank you" to the service members without the help of our amazing sponsors for this day! Raffle donations Tool kit from Home Depot, Coffee from Morning Light Coffee, flask and bottle, and a 60 minute massage were given to four very happy veterans, 

Our Local VFW and VFW Auxiliary gave so that we could purchase the hot dogs and burgers! Mark Cappis helped make this happen.   Thank you all dearly!

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