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As leaders, mentors, and parents we take it serious to teach and model certain habits for our youth. We want them to work hard, use common sense, be generous, and be healthy.

What if we spent more energy and time in our imagination's and teaching how it is a key to success?

Personally I must use my imagination daily for my profession, but even at home and with friends I want to create more magic.

The challenge is to start right now and use this powerful tool to see the goals you want to accomplish, to see the tasks you will do in order to get your goals achieved, and to see yourself celebrate the wins. Then share with your family, your team, and your friends how it works!

We often do not remember the power of imagination, yet some of us focus on inspiring that imagination everyday because it is the wheelhouse to all of the ways to succeed. I go so far as to say, "Let's make this world more magical." Have a beautiful day! Sherrie

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