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Skills needed!

In our world of employment fluctuations, we hear business owners who cannot keep or find staff and we hear of unemployed saying there are no jobs. The waves will settle and the workforce that keeps our economy stable will once again be steady hard at work.

Our future workforce and economy will be in the hands of our littles of today. A wise man I know says to all of our family, "Acquire skills and keep adding them to your tool belt." This advice is thousands of years old, but very poignant for today.

As I walked through the museum this morning and saw this wonderful young man play, he was building something. He was not listening to anyone and completely focused on his design and build. I thought wow, how fun it is to see a little engineer before he learned the skills that come with the occupation.

You can't see the awesome building he was creating in this picture, yet you can see his attention to the details of the next block he would add.

Let's continue to encourage our youth to learn any new skill they are offered mentorship or training within. There may come a day when they will use it or teach it to the next generation!

Let's also never box them into one field or one plan for their lives. Our future leaders will be our caretakers when we can no longer care for ourselves. They will be the wisdom and decision makers for our country and I will attest to seeing many great minds getting started everyday!!!!!

If you have a future engineer, here is some interesting opportunities.

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20 mars 2023

Ich empfehle diesen Artikel für jeden, der in der Marketingbranche tätig ist. Es ist ein großartiger Weg, um sich über die neuesten Trends und Strategien zu informieren und sich für die Zukunft Ihres Geschäfts zu rüsten.

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