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Abnormal is good

It's been a while since we connected, but this felt like an important topic I have heard lately.

Too often I hear, "Normal kids do this, or normally we do this, and the worst is when we get back to normal."

The reality is that where we are is where we need to find joy, hope, and love for those around us and the work we do.

Is there flu, yes. Does it have the right to rob us of our hope? No!

We all come to work and give our hearts to making the world a better place and I know most of you do too. So let's call today a "good" day and look forward to this new year.

We have toddler screenings at the museum where these littles are put to assessment test to see for "normal" hearing, seeing, and other developmental acumen. From loved ones that would not hit the normal quota yet are excellent, healthy contributing members of society, again abnormal is good.

Working at a museum that is anything but normal, we think abnormal is outstanding!

Just a little slant on perspective so that we can relax more about where we are and what we are doing. I hope it's a good reminder.

We are ready to put on the best Chocolat Noir ever and invite you all, so head over to the events and get your tickets now with the early bird discount!

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