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Almost there!

Today let's talk a little about the amazing changes through adolescence. The cognitive development for the child's mind as they get into pre-teen and teenage years is vital to helping them create the self actualization they need as adults to live by their own moral, ethical, and work standards.


Adolescence can be a frustrating time for the adults that guide them, yet it is also an opportunity. As the child deduces that they have found an error in the way something is done or viewed, they will create a hypothesis of a better way. The reality is that they are probably missing information and that they may not have all the answers. Yet, we do not want to slow their tendencies to challenge the status quo.

This new skill of critical thinking and questioning is how the next generation will create and innovate our future solutions. It is so important for them to have a safe place to question authority and rules. They may not get to change things now but we can share that they will have a chance to change things in the future.

Emotional Social

We also want to offer that safe place for their hypothesis because this stage has heightened emotional insecurities. It can seem devastating when anyone disagrees with them as they need to learn to separate their ideas from their self worth. Guiding them to understand that disagreements are specific to an idea, not disagreeing with a person. This separation can help them be less susceptible to self insecurities and the depression that accompanies it.

This is a very big topic, but I just want to leave you with the idea that this difficult time is the stage for the amazing future your child will have once they leave you. Every emotional outburst is another step closer to self assurance and strength to move out and take on life. Each argument is an opportunity to grow their verbal and critical thinking skills.

Take a moment when you can to share with them what skills you see growing and how it will help them in the future. It can feel impossible reasoning with an adolescent when they are spun up, so picking the time is also important.

It goes by faster than it feels at the moment and they are gone. They are almost there! Let's enjoy every moment we can. Sherrie Neff

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