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We naturally begin our life continually researching, in fact for parents with three year old's, you are hearing, "But why?" all day long, right?

Play inspires the brain to continue to question, to find answers to puzzles, to create imaginary worlds, and to explore. Research can bring spark and fun to mind and hearing that one word can bring work and insecurities to mind. Our goal is to keep things fun so that the mind stays in the research mode as much as possible.

Our friends get together with us once a week to share a meal, catch up on each others lives, and to play games. The kids get to do the same while seeing adults do it.

We can be a little competitive yet it is all in good fun. While trying to figure how to beat your best friend at cards we joke, laugh and strategize.

With a mission to Inspire a Passion for Lifelong Learning, it seems very important for the growth and development we get through play with the emphasis to never stop playing and you'll never stop learning and developing.

We discussed this phenominen casually, below is a link to one of the scientific studies that found that play not only leads to cognitive development, yet the efficiency of the exploration related to longer-term cognitive development. Wow, we are so thankful for these studies that show how important it is to do what we love, from birth through the entire life span.

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