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We were so grateful to our guests for showing up to our new exhibit opening yesterday! Thank you all, it was a wonderful day and we will post new pictures in the exhibit tab.

The event brought about something else for the museum I feel we should celebrate, a showing from all walks of life working together for one purpose, our children. No barriers were felt or seen and the joy on the faces of these youngsters was the ultimate payback for all of the hard work and donations. It was phenomenal.

The more we can focus on the goals and the positives, the stronger we all are.

As role models for these littles, let's continue to work together no matter our genders, age, race, religion, or creed to build a sanctuary where a passion for learning is all that is inspired.

There are things in this world that try to divide us, yet when the goal is worth the work and our youth is worth it; let's work together!

A special Thank You to Larry Houk, Gary Zadick, Taneth Gray, Carpet Garage, Builders First Source, The Fagenstrom Co, Ace Hardware, Anderson Glass and Doors, Melissa and the crew at Brush Crazy, Ti Neff, Roxanne Gray, Michele Hunt, and all of the donors. A special Thank You to Ryan Zinke for your support and appearance at our Grand Opening! Together amazing things happen.

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